The Truth About the Super Bowl

News Review by Rangon Islam 

The Truth About The Super Bowl 

  • The Super Bowl - ““the biggest weekend for U.S. prostitution”
  • this article has evidence from a human trafficking survivor
  • she expresses how she treated by other men and all of the money she was paid goes to her “boss”
  • victims of human trafficking are sometimes even abused because they don't listen to the rules of their boss and, in some cases, they are blamed and beaten up for something they didn’t do but they are victimized because they are seen to be under the boss

“I am a victim of the sex-trafficking industry. I was trafficked for more than a decade in Minneapolis, Hawaii and Las Vegas. Based on my experience I can tell you that the Super Bowl is just another weekend for the hundreds of thousands of sex-trafficking victims in the United States.

That’s what it was when I was a sex-trafficked call girl in Las Vegas. The escort agency I worked for expected me to go on as many calls as I could fit in a 12-hour  period, from 8 in the evening to 8 the following morning. 
I would see between 10-30 different men a night. It didn’t matter how tired I was or how much money I made, I had to be loyal my entire shift for the entire weekend, or face a fine of $1,500. When I finally got home, as soon as I walked in the door, my pimp took 100% of my earnings. 

Never mind that the tricks (the men that paid for sex) thought I was enjoying myself. Never mind they thought I was making great money, paying my way through college. 

These were the lies my alter ego “Fallen” would tell with a smile on her face—only to make more money for my pimp. 

When you live in fear of the next beat-down (I was physically beaten more times than I can count by my pimp and by tricks), this is what you must do to survive.  Pretend you are someone else. When I began my time as a prostitute, I chose the name “Fallen” for my fake ID. I was no longer the Annie I knew and recognized; I was “Fallen”—a victim of high-class sex trafficking

Vulnerable Victims: 

  • the homeless and runaway - they don't have a shelter to protect them
  • immigrants - they are not well known about what is going on in the country, they do not know about all the resources available to them, they don't know the language, and they are easy to trick

Conclusions: Human trafficking isn't something encounter on a daily basis, so why should it be an important issue?

  • We listen to the news to catch up on events that’s happening around us. Human trafficking news has the same purpose; even though human trafficking isn’t something one would encounter on a daily basis, one should be aware of their surroundings and the signs of human trafficking to prevent it. We are all potential victims and since this is a violation of our human rights, we should stand up against it. ​