We Stand with Refugees

Congress holds the power to improve the United States Refugee Admissions Program. Join us in urging our elected representatives to enact change. Use the following script to make your position known.

Dear ________:
My name is ___________ and I live in ___________. I am writing to urge you to expand the United States Refugee Admissions Program. There are 22.5 million people fleeing war, violence, and repression. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees works to protect people fleeing persecution, but it cannot solve the problem alone. The United States needs to welcome refugees. Today’s refugee crisis is not only a humanitarian crisis – it is a failure of this country’s mission to promote freedom and safety throughout the world. Something must be done. I urge you to expand the cap on refugee admissions.
Double Discovery Center responds to the Syrian refugee crisis

Film by:

Ivy Nunez and Darwin Peña, students of Freedom and Citizenship, 2015-2016