Human Trafficking

This project was created by:

Raisa Talal, Domingo Fortuna, Rangon Islam, Anika Anna—students of Freedom and Citizenship, 2015-2016

Teaching Assistant: Tiffany May

Student Writing

The Human Meat Market

by Rangon Islam

An Op-Ed

By Anika Anna

Human Trafficking

By Domingo Fortuna

The Truth About the Superbowl

News review by Rangon Islam


By Domingo Fortuna

Resources for Victims and Allies

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Get help. Report a Tip. Request Services.

Call 1-888-373-7888

Hospitality Toolkit

Stop human trafficking where it happens most. En Español. 

Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign

One Voice. One Mission. End Human Trafficking. 

Polaris Project

Freedom happens now.

Safe Horizon

Moving Victims of Violence from Crisis to Confidence.