Mental Health and Disability Rights

This project was created by: Christy-Ana Legene-Loppe, Desteny Deleon, Melanie Feliz, Krystal Paulino, Marlene Marte, Samara Shaz, Sonam Dorji, Stephanie Luna, Stephanie Semo

F&C Students call their representatives
Names of Participants: Destiny Deleon, Sonam Dorji, Melanie Feliz, Christy Legene-Loppe, Stephanie Luna, Marlene Marte, Krystal Paulino, Stephanie Semo, Samara Shaz
"Mental Health and Disability Rights" Cover Page of Zine
"Eye Don't Know" Artwork
"Brain Matter" Artwork
"The Disabled Matter" Artwork
"My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn't accessible" Stella Young
"We teach them how to build not only physical urban landscapes, but also how to build connected communities."
"Disability Rights History" artwork
"Please Calm Down" Artwork
"Love Yourself" Artwork
"Push the ADA into motion"