Gender Equality

Gallery of Art

The following collection of art shows the reflective, expressive commentary of our group after a semester studying gender inequities in health care access, wages, legal representation, and social discourse. Our group has drawn from a range of intersectional understandings of gender inequality in the United States, as is evident from issues of race, religion, and socioeconomic structures discussed in the artwork. Over the course of this year, we have called politicians to put pressure on them to address gender issues, made videos, educated our friends, and finally produced this project to commemorate our learning with something fun, artistic, and cathartic. We hope that you will enjoy these individual artistic projects of ours, and that they impart our feelings at the culmination of a year of educative learning and action.

Frida Kahlo
By Malachi Blenman
By Destiny Mendez
Damaged Goods
By Destiny Mendez
By Destiny Mendez
Body 2
By Destiny Mendez
By Destiny Mendez
By Destiny Mendez
Islam Image
By Malachi Blenman
Call to Artists
Call to Artists

Student Poetry

This is About Us Women
Untitled by Stephanie Cruz
Indifference by Nayib Altareb
Students call their representatives
F&C Students

Gender Equality 2016

If there's anything we learned researching gender equality it's that there's no one-size-fits-all solution (much like our shirts). We decided our contribution to the conversation over gender equality needed to reflect that diversity, and so we designed several different shirts with  different sizes, colors, and slogans and asked friends and strangers to take pictures wearing them. Their photos show the many faces of gender equality today.

After all the research we've done on all the different ways gender inequality affects people in their homes, workplaces, and schools, we designed our shirts to reflect our biggest conclusion: Gender equality starts with men, women, and non-binary individuals recognizing the inequalities present in our society and supporting an open dialogue for change.

This project was created by:

Rasna Ekra, JP Amaya, Claire Peterson, Yeritza Mejia, Andrew Williams, Aaliyah Balcacer

Teaching Assistant: Anne-Laure White

Student Writing

Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Campus assault and colleges' responsibilities to prevent it

For those that are Nonconforming

Information on gender variance for allies

Abortion Laws in America

Understanding the politics of women's bodies

What's Happening Now...

In the United Nations and the U.S. Supreme Court