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Berkeley in the Sixties

Directed by Mark Kitchell

The documentary retells the excitement and disorder that was the student protest at University of California, Berkeley in 1968 which changed the course of the school and student protest system in America. It is considered one of the top documentaries made of the 1960s.

The documentary follows 15 students that were leaders of the protest and showcases the students coming to terms with their actions and what that actually means. The students' stories are incorporated with live footage of the actual protest. 

The observer is taken back in time and sees what it was really like for those students who took part in the various protests for student rights.


How do we reverse the School to prison pipeline

From https://crooked.com/podcast/reverse-school-prison-pipeline/

This podcast is hosted by Deray Mckesson who is a civil rights activist and former school administrator with special guest John King who is a former secretary of education. This podcast talks about the current state of public school education, discussing what the school to prison pipeline is, and just how important it is for America to focus on the education system as a whole. And how important it is for adults, and people in general to do better in helping destroy this system with providing support and programs for students. 

Important quotes from the podcast:

"School to prison pipeline is a systematic failure on the part of society to support our young people.'- Deray Mckesson

''People over rely on exclusionary discipline." - John King

''Certainly our first goal is to keep kids out of the school to prison pipeline. And to do what we can, and have the supports in place so that students don't end up in prison. But we do know there are folks who are incarcerated, so the question then becomes what's the goal, what's gonna happen next for those folks."- John King

''In fact RAND did a study that showed if you got any kind of educational program you were 43% less likely to return to prison.''- John King


Long Article

Parents must cut down the School to Prison Pipeline

From Prospect.org

In this article for prospect.org professor and author Mark R. Warran discusses a story of an African American mom, Zakiya Jabar, coming to terms with and explaining how the school to prison pipeline has affected her son, who is in Pre-K. This article highlights the reality of the school to prison pipeline and how early it starts. This article also goes into detail about how parents who recognize how their child is criminalized can educate themselves about restorative practices and advocate for the reform of the education system with creating organizations and supporting current organizations to tackle this issue.

Important quotes from the article includes: 

''It turns out that the school-to-prison pipeline starts in Pre-K, especially for black boys. Suspensions are the beginning of the school-to-prison pipeline, which refers to harsh and racially inequitable school discipline policies that push students out of school, onto the street, and eventually into the criminal justice system."

'' The voices of African American parents like Zakiya, telling their stories and advocating for themselves, create a passionate and powerful force for change. ''



By Monique W. Morris

Read our review of the book Pushout, by Monique W.Morris, Written in 2016, talking about the criminalization of black girls in the education system.


Meeting to Austin Human Rights Commision

Brian McGiverin goes in front of the Austin Human Rights Commission to talk to them about what the School-to-Prison-Pipeline is and how he came to know of it.