F&C Alum and City Councilman Shaun Abreu Reflects on the Great Books

In an article published to Columbia Neighbors, Shaun Abreu--who was elected this week to serve as city councilman for District 7--reflects on his passion for civic engagement and foundations in political philosophy. 

Wilson Valentin writes in the article, "When looking back at his influences, Abreu credits Plato and Aristotle with introducing him to the possibilities of public service. “Reading them really made me think about my role in a civic society. How I can contribute to the immediate neighborhood around me. That’s what fueled me to get involved in my community board, making sure that I could help local students.” 

He first came across the classical thinkers when, as a student at George Washington High School in Washington Heights, he enrolled in the inaugural class of Columbia’s Freedom and Citizenship program, a humanities-focused college prep initiative that equips young people with the tools to become informed, responsible citizens.

“I’m glad that program is still around today,” Abreu said. “I will do everything I can to make sure that opportunities like that are expanded and available for all of our students, particularly in our immediate community. One of my big priorities is to focus on after-school programs.”

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November 05, 2021