Resources for Mental Health

Our call to action is to educate yourself and your peers on the mental health resources available for New York City teens! 

Think of TEN friends who you'd like to keep safe, healthy, and happy and then send a link of this page to them!

Download a printable version here


  • Wadleigh Secondary School offers therapy to families that need it for free. They have sessions in school with a professional therapist, should you choose to take it you can sign up or call for private sessions. Your high school should offer the same!
  • Find out more information about mental health resources in New York City public schools at the department of education




  • 7 Cups

    • A website and app specifically for students who are suffering through depression, anxiety, and trouble with school. It has a bunch of resources you can reach out to as a student in high school. 24/7 online chat rooms for students for free. They give you the option for a free listener or therapist. 

  • Headspace

    • Meditation app to help reduce stress by teaching you how to meditate. It also explains the purpose of meditation.

    • $9.99 per year for students.

  • InsightTimer
    • Free timed meditation app.


  • Woebot
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) app.


  • Moodpath

    • Moodpath is a daily assessment of questions to help get an understanding of what your mental health issues are and help you understand how to deal with them.

  • Talkspace for Teens
    • Text chat with licensed counselors.
    • $49 per week.