Kidnapping vs. Human Trafficking

This article was written by high school senior Anika, a participant in the Freedom and Citizenship civic leadership program

By Anika Anna

Difference Between Kidnapping and Human Trafficking?

Kidnapping refers to taking someone away illegally against their will usually for ransom.  Human trafficking refers to illegally trading a person for either exploitation or commercial gain.  Often times, human traffickers force victims into labor or prostitution.  According to Homeland Security, human trafficking is the second largest profitable transnational crime.  Human trafficking is spreading so quickly because of its low risks and high profits.  Every year, human trafficking  produces billions of dollars in profit.  

Causes of Human Trafficking      

Certain factors that cause human trafficking are poverty, violence, oppression, and  lack of human rights, education, and opportunities.  Human traffickers make people of such conditions their subjects because the traffickers are able to easily mislead them with false hopes, promises, and opportunities.  Human traffickers often tell their victims that they will provide their victims with opportunities to help improve their  incomes and financial conditions, provide for their families in villages, and escape from conflict such as war.  

Different Types of Human Trafficking     

The different types of human trafficking are trafficking for labor, sexual exploitation, and organs, cells, and tissues.  Victims trafficked for labor may be placed in conditions of slavery. They are forced to work for jobs regarding agriculture, fisheries, construction, and domestic servitude.  Victims, women and children, trafficked for sexual exploitation are taken away from their homes, often to other countries, and put into sexual slavery an inhumane conditions.  Also, the traffickers keep their victims in constant fear.  Victims trafficked for organs, cells, and tissues are targeted for their organs, especially the kidney.  According to Interpol, in many countries the wait for organ transplant is very long which gave traffickers the idea to start illegally removing and selling organs from the victims.  Traffickers involved in this type of trafficking makes a great amount of profit because the demand for organs is high in many countries due to diseases and health problems.