Thomas Suozzi (D)

Thomas Suozzi is from the Long Island town of Glen Cove, where his father, an Italian immigrant, was mayor. Thomas attended Boston College and Fordham University School of Law. Suozzi first entered politics as mayor of Glen Cove, and was elected to Congress in 2016. He is now running for his third term as Congressman from New York's 3rd Congressional District. 

Thomas Suozzi on the Issues

Platform: He opposes the separation of families, and supports the Dreamers, at the border and the incarceration of those migrants. He is a vehement supporter of DACA; Suozzi supports the hiring of previously incarcerated individuals, no workplace discrimination; Supports the legislation that would mandate the review of sentences of incarcerated individuals over the age of 55 who have served in excess of 15 years. The Break the Cycle of Violence Act would provide federal grants to communities that experience 20 or more homicides per year and have a homicide rate at least twice the national average, or communities that demonstrate a unique and compelling need for additional resources to address gun and group-related violence.

Congressman Thomas Suozzi (NY-3) said, “I support the STEP ACT.  Democrats and Republicans have come together in this bipartisan bill to forge this commonsense prison reform.  Too many Americans are languishing in prison.  This bipartisan bill gives many individuals the opportunity to reenter society in successful and productive ways that improve public safety.”


Students: Bragye, Eric, Mario, Isaidy


Student Endorsement

Having worked under Thomas Suozzi, I know he is for the people. NY is one of the most affected states in the US; thus, I believe it is crucial for politicians to provide the necessary funding and assistance for those affected by COVID-19. There are approximately 490,000 confirmed cases. Therefore, this is of the utmost importance at the moment.  Thomas Suozzi’s stance on COVID-19 recovery is to give the necessary unemployment fund as well as subsidies. Representative Suozzi supports the national stimulus package, which will indubitably assist lower-income families; he has sponsored bills like “Social Security COVID Correction and Equity Act” and “Fairness for Seniors and People with Disabilities During COVID-19 Act.” Although Representative Suozzi belongs to the Democratic Party, his support of such bills indeed shows his bipartisanship. Therefore I back Congressman Suozzi with full enthusiasm.

-Eric of the 3rd district (F&C 2020-21)