Ritchie Torres (D)

Ritchie Torres is from the Bronx and grew up in public housing in Throggs Neck. He attended Herbert Lehman High School and attended New York University, but dropped out due to severe depression. He entered politics as New York City Councilman, becoming the first openly gay public official in the Bronx, as well as the youngest elected official in NYC. Torres is now running for a first term as United States Representative from New York's 15th Congressional District. 

Ritchie Torres on the Issues


Ritchie Torres is a candidate that is a very strong ally on climate change. He has many plans for the environment. 

  • Torres is committed to fighting for investments in our public lands and waters, reducing emissions from the transportation sector, and stopping federal environmental rollbacks. 
  • Torres is also planning on setting greenhouse gas emissions limits for buildings. 
  • Torres wants to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy.
  • Torres wants to stop environmental racism.

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