Immigration 2017 - 2022

Freedom and Citizenship students use Tell Me How It Ends as a lens to understand immigration policies surrounding undocumented youth.

F&C Immigration Civic Engagement

Students this summer have compiled a list of resources, such as scholarships and mentorship, for undocumented students. We encourage you to forward these resources to your guidance counselor so that they may be accessible to more students.


Test your knowledge of immigration and citizenship in this student-created quiz from 2022.


Stay Together: Student Interviews in the face of President Trump’s Stance on Immigration 

A News Article By Carmen Chen

It was an astonishing moment for America when our new president Donald Trump announced his executive order on immigration, banning people of the seven Muslim countries -- Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen -- from coming into the United States. People, especially immigrants, are terrified after Trump introduced his ambitious plans for “Mak[ing] America great again” during his campaign. Now he is trying to fulfill his promise, bringing a nightmare for millions of immigrants. Read More

Students Take Action

This year, Freedom and Citizenship students wrote emails and letters, made calls, and created art to share their feelings about immigration laws in America today. 

Freedom and Citizenship students call their representatives

You can take action too!