Videos on Immigration 2022

These videos on immigration were made by New York City high school students Michelle G., Cinthia A., Aishah C., and Mibel L., as part of the Freedom and Citizenship Civic Leadership Project, with help from their undergraduate Teaching Assistants Grace H. and Rendabel R. View the rest of the 2022 group project here.

Information from Michelle and Cinthia's Video:

  • Only 19% of Hispanics in America have a bachelor's degree or higher (U.S. Census Bureau 2019, Frontiers in Sociology)
  • Only 5 - 10% of undocumented students attend college (College Board, NAASP)
  • View the full NYCLU video about an immigrant boy held in immigrant detention for months. Learn more about his case.
  • According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2019, the Hispanic (7.7 percent) and Black (5.6 percent) dropout rates remained higher than the White (4.1 percent) dropout rate.

Information from Mibel and Aishah's TikTok:

  • Immigrant New Yorkers make up 40% of the city's population (Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs)
  • New York City has the largest public school system in the United States (NYU)
  • Read the Urban Institute's full report "Overlooked and Underserved: Immigrant Students in U.S. Secondary Schools."
  • While 8% of the nation's teens are immigrants, 25% of teen school dropouts are immigrants (Pew)

  • Only 5 - 10% of undocumented students attend college (College Board, NAASP)

Organizations to Support from the Video: