Mental Health Comic Strips 2022

These resources for teen mental health were made by NYC high school students Sheryl Y., Mackenzie G., and Selena L. as part of the Freedom and Citizenship Civic Leadership Project, with help from her undergraduate Teaching Assistants Amiri T. and Julieta G. View the rest of the group project here.


Student comic strip on mental health

Doctor: Hey how’s school going along?

Student: I actually have something to tell you. I have a big physics test coming up and I don’t feel prepared. It’s stressing me out.

Doctor: I would recommend you get a study planner, to plan how much time to study throughout the day to alleviate stress, and over-studying in the case of staring at your computer for too long. After you’re done studying for 3-4 hours, take a snake break.

Student: That sounds good, but I think part of the problem is that I’m losing sleep from the stress. What can I do about that?

Doctor: After studying, you should find some time to do some exercises. You could jog a bit on your walks as well. It will relieve stress and also help you sleep better. You should also avoid having caffeine or large meals close to bedtime. 

Student: Thank you so much for the advice!

student comic strip on mental health

Student: My uncle passed away last week and it’s been difficult for me to process it all. I was hoping you had some advice that could help me cope with this loss. 

Doctor: My condolences, I will help you the best I can. 

Student: I’m just so angry with it. I think I’m pushing all my friends away and I don’t know what to do.

Doctor: I would recommend trying to relieve some of that anger through sports. Maybe you should try boxing or running? These are healthy ways for you to destress without harming your relationships. 

Student: That’s good, I’ll try that.

Doctor: But there are some things you shouldn’t do, like relying on alcohol, drugs, or overeating to cope with your loss. They all have serious consequences for you in the future.

Student: Ok, I understand, thank you for the advice.


Comic strip on mental health

Scenario 3: Bullying 

Student: Thanks to your advice last time, I was able to pass that exam and cope with my stress. However, I’ve been dealing with bullying from my fellow classmates. 

Doctor: I’m sorry to hear that. I have some tips that could help you. Have you spoken to a well-trusted family member to express your thoughts? 

Student: No, I should try that though.

Doctor: Yes, and I know this is hard, but you need to keep your head high when your bullies approach you. You can also ignore them and walk away. You can wear headphones, no one bothers someone who listens to music. 

Student: That does sound hard, but I love the idea of listening to music. I'll try my best. 

Doctor: Also, be sure to report these matters to your teachers or counselors. I wish you the best of luck overcoming these bullies. 

Student: Thank you 

*Doctor smiles*


Mental Health Tips by Sheryl Yang