Help us bring restorative justice to New York City high schools by emailing your principal the following call to action:

Dear [Insert Name Here],

My name is [Insert Your Name Here]. I am involved in a summer program at Columbia University called Freedom and Citizenship- F&C. As a part of F&C, I learned about the restorative justice programs. Restorative justice is implemented in schools to decrease suspensions and expulsions. This program teaches students problem solving abilities and strengthens the school community by helping everyone work together instead of against each other. I am reaching out to you because I would like to implement a program such as this one in [insert school name]. We can look to Humanities Preparatory Academy as an example. They have a program called Fairness that we can base our program on. My overall goal is to start a conversation in our school community about restorative justice- be it with student or faculty. I would like to meet with you to discuss in further detail.


[Insert Your Name Here]


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