Amer Mneimmneh

Amer Mneimneh is an American Studies major at the School of General Studies. But, if he had the resources, he would major in everything. He has previously taught Arabic, English, critical thinking, and skiing. If life is usually a movie, he believes Contemporary Civilization lets you turn your head and see the projector. He’s excited to share in this experience, and the intellectual, political, and moral agency and participation he knows will follow. Amer hopes to make a difference in the matters of access to justice, access to higher education, environmental justice, or international relations…or wherever he’s needed most. When examinations of the self or the state aren’t on the table, Amer chases an understanding in the evolution of law and its interplay with society. He is a member of Columbia's Ski/Snowboard Team, and has vague memories of being an avid diver before moving to New York City.