Amad Ross

Amad grew up in Seattle but has grown to love the East Coast. He is a Junior at Columbia College where he studies philosophy. He is particularly interested in angsty 19th-century philosophers—especially Kierkegaard—who overthink things and falls fatally in love. He thinks the figure of the gadfly in love with the world looms large in political thought and is excited to trace its history from ancient Greece to the modern US context. 

On campus, Amad is secretary of the Columbia University Buddhist Association and an activist at the Columbia Democrats Criminal Justice Reform Working Group. He is also a first-generation low-income student who is constantly repping Questbrige. He excels at eavesdropping and can often be found at the Hungarian Pastry Shop either listening in on other students’ secrets or sharing his own with anyone who will listen. This is one aspect of life he has had to give up in the age of the Zoom call and its unfortunate mute button.