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The Freedom and Citizenship college seminar and academic enrichment program began in 2009 as a partnership between Columbia’s Double Discovery Center and the Center for American Studies. Our goal is to introduce dedicated high school students to college-level work in the humanities and prepare them for lives as informed, responsible citizens.

Students attend a free four-week residential program in July where they take an intensive seminar course on political philosophy taught by Ivy League professors. The summer program is followed by a year-long civic leadership project where students research contemporary political issues and develop advocacy initiatives under the supervision of undergraduate teaching assistants.

In the autumn, students also benefit from college application guidance from the Double Discovery Center and mentoring from Columbia College undergraduates. Successful students receive letters of recommendation from their summer professors to accompany their college applications.

F&C Social Work Fellow Featured in Columbia Neighbors

"I decided to enter the field of social work because of some of the things I saw growing up. Witnessing my family navigate life in the Bronx after immigrating from the Dominican Republic and having recognized that their identities influenced the services that they received and the kind of care that they needed motivated me. I thought social work was the best way to focus on how our identities come into play and how we can serve people in different ways. Seeing some of the challenges as well as the resilience that Bronxites have, pushed me right into the career I’m pursuing. It's been such an honor. In many ways, I’m trying to be the person that my family and I needed growing up. I’m grateful that I get to walk in these roles and provide resources for folks like myself."

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